Mission Statement
To educate and increase awareness among public officials, the media and the public at large about the 3R’s that affect previously incarcerated persons who are returning home and the positive benefits of reducing their recidivism.  And, to interact with and support groups who are actively involved with facilitating them.

Reforms: To report on sentencing, parole and prison reform including alternative sanctions and determinant sentencing and how they affect recidivism. To update with information regarding legislative efforts towards those reforms.

Recidivism:  To report on success of programs both during incarceration and post incarceration that correlate highly to reduction of recidivism.

Re-Entry:  To report evidence of successful re-entry programs. Fiscal issues that prohibit success. Consequences. Community support. Increase Public Safety.  Myths. Collateral damage to families.  Employment.  Effects of laws such as Three Strikes, Megan’s, AWA and Jessica’s Laws.

Our goal is not to create another prison reform or re-entry program.

Our goal is to create a new public awareness about recidivism and its components so that the programs for those returning home can succeed.
We believe an informed public will also allow their legislators to make the tough decisions and to seek alternative solutions to all issues.  We believe an informed public will encourage their legislators to balance public safety with smart fiscal responsibility.
Our goal is to have the people and the Legislature informed. We want the public to understand that re-incarcerating an individual is a costly option which can affect the budget available for education or social benefits.

Each year at least 650,000 individuals will be released from state prisons and will be returning home, 120,000 in California.  Parole services are stretched thin and resources are diminished.  The prisoners have served longer sentences and were incarcerated under the punishment penal code vs. the rehabilitative system of the past.  The mentally ill and substance abusers have been released virtually untreated.  Changes must be made.
Returning Home Foundation is a public non-profit organization which is funded solely by tax-deductible donations of people under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Tax ID 20-8123356